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At Childress Nursing Services (CNS) our aim is to deliver top-notch home health care. While we are normally focused on in-home fertility injections and maternity care services, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have turned our focus towards providing meaningful solutions to those suffering from this destructive virus. Recently, we've noticed that more and more Americans want to have access to Covid-19 testing now and waiting days or weeks for results can create more harmful "silent spreaders." Knowing what condition that you're in now results in less anxiety, more immediate healthcare, and less harm done to our economy. In addition, we've seen companies wanting to do more for their employees in this time of crisis by providing them with a more complete corporate wellness program. As result, we decided to step up to the plate. We will be providing health screenings and/or Covid-19 IgG/IgM serology rapid testing in our neighborhood. 

As a licensed home health agency in Washington, we are uniquely positioned to provide mobile healthcare services in homes and local businesses. Although we are a full service home health agency, our services, at this time, will be primarily geared towards providing health screenings and Coronavirus testing in the Greater Seattle, Washington metro area.

Our company mascot is the CNS Stork. A stork is the age-old symbol of fertility, motherhood, strength, fidelity, and delivering prosperity. Consequently, our team of nurses are referred to as CNS Storks, whom aim to deliver Complete Nurturing Solutions to the doorsteps of our clients. We ensure that all CNS Storks are not only licensed and credentialed but properly trained on delivering exceptional home health nursing care.

We know that the road to recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic may take some time. CNS is committed to helping our neighbors get through these difficult times, develop and manage a personalized home healthcare plan that’s most effective for you and your family. Our healthcare team is grateful to play a role in providing our local families and organizations with health screenings and rapid, serological Covid-19 IgG/IgM testing.



  1. We believe that providing home health care services is truly a privilege and should be approached with the upmost care and skill.

  2. We believe that every person has the right to have access to healthcare services in the privacy of their own homes.

  3. We believe that access to in-home or at-work Coronavirus testing with rapid results should be made available to every person without delay, regardless if they are asymptomatic. 

  4. We believe that companies and organizations that take the extra steps to look out for the best health interest of their employees during this Coronavirus pandemic will be rewarded with not only a brighter economic future during these uncertain times but also will create a tidal wave of social goodwill.




You are:

  • Tired of waiting and wanting rapid detection of *Covid-19 "Coronavirus" IgG and IgM in less than 15 minutes for you and/or your family

  • Ideal for clients suspected to be at least 3-5 Days post exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 OR at least 7 Days post suspected exposure to Covid-19, if asymptomatic

  • Looking to make your corporate wellness program more Coronavirus comprehensive

  • Needing assistance with testing patients at your hospital or healthcare facility


As healthcare advocates for our clients, CNS strives to continuously raise the bar on the quality and diversity of home health care. Therefore, please take a look around our site, and check out our different services. If any meets your needs, feel free to book an appointment.

May the best of your past, be the worst of your future! 

Childress Nursing Services


*Learn more about Covid-19 IgG/IgM serology rapid tests by clicking HERE. Testing with COVID-19 "Coronavirus" IgG/IgM Rapid tests should only be performed in conjunction with other laboratory approved testing and/or clinical observations for the presumptive identification of viral infections in patients who may be infected with 2019nCoV (detected in China in 2019).